Dycotec develop materials for Perovskite Solar Cells – August 2018

Dycotec Materials are participating in the EU funded project ESPResSo where they will are responsible for developing a range of high performance conductive and insulative materials that are compatible with perovskite solar cells.

Dycotec Materials have been developing a range of conductive and insulator products that find application in thin film solar technology such as CIGS and heterojunction solar cells. The project will build on Dycotec's extensive knowledge of material development and manufacture for solar cell applications. Our products ensure solar cells can be produced with high levels of efficiency maximising power generation whilst meeting rigorous durability standards. Use of Dycotec’s silver pastes and inks, copper pastes and inks or carbon pastes , enables high resolution electrode structures to be produced exhibiting both high electrical conductivity and low contact resistance. Our products can be used in combination with our ultra-durable insulator materials.

The full press release is available here.

House of Lords – 28th June 2017

Dycotec Materials recently attended a reception at the House of Lords as part of a KTN sponsored event where the theme was “Creating Wealth from Graphene and Other 2D Materials for the UK”. Dycotec provide a range of graphene based inks for applications including; electrodes, sensors and barrier layers.

Dycotec Materials provides a range of graphene inks and pastes for use in a wide variety of applications including; sensors, specialist electrodes and aerospace applications. We also use graphene as an additive to provide material systems with superior mechanical, thermal or barrier layer performance.

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