The demand for solar cell generated electricity has shown remarkable growth. The recent rapid increase in thin film and next generation solar cells demands that next generation material sets and production processes are developed to ensure competitiveness with conventional crystalline silicon solar cell technology. Addressing this need, Dycotec Materials have developed a range of advanced material systems that are both compatible with traditional screen printing processes as well as new, high efficiency solar cell production processes and emerging printing technologies.

Our leading edge silver pastes and inks based on ultrafine and nanotechnology provide exceptional contact resistance and electrical conductivity ensure high efficiencies whilst offering high durability performance. Where appropriate, our CUP -5000 series range of copper inks and pastes offer a cost effective alternative to silver. Whilst our carbon pastes , which exhibit excellent electrical conductivity, can be used on Perovskite solar cells.

Recent developments in solar cell production techniques, require the use of insulator materials and our ink jet series of ultra-high durable, UV cured inks provides an ideal solution to meet this requirement.

Recent published research for the use of our DM-SIP-3100 nanosilver paste for silicon heterojunction solar cells can be downloaded from the table below.

Reference TitleSummaryArticleFurther information
Low-resistivity Screen-printed Contacts on Indium Tin Oxide Layers for Silicon Solar Cells with Passivating ContactsFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems
published research for use of nanosilver paste DM-SIP-3100 to achieve high electrical conductivity low contact resistance electrodes for silicon heterojunction cells.
imagesFurther Information

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