Overcoat Inks & Pastes

Dycotec Materials offer a range of overcoat inks and pastes that have been developed for a broad range of applications including; automotive, aerospace, touch-screens, OLED, multilayer printed circuits and thin-film photovoltaic.

The overcoat layers can be either screen or inkjet printed and UV or thermally cured. Our overcoat inks and pastes, which are epoxy based, offer exceptional levels of hardness ensuring protection of the underlying circuitry against handling damage. Due to their exceptional mechanical properties, the overcoat inks can be readily overprinted with conductive materials. These materials offer excellent chemical resistance.

Variants of these systems are available that provide improved barrier layer performance against water and oxygen ingress.

We provide overcoat inks and pastes to a global customer base, offering a flexible delivery service from low volume samples to high volume to meet our customers’ production needs. We can rapidly tailor formulations for specific customer requirements.

Product #DescriptionDeposition MethodSubstratesCuring ProcessHardnessPDFRequest a Quotation
DM-OCI-6002Protective OvercoatInkjetITO-glassUV8HimagesRequest a quote
DM-OC-6010SProtective OvercoatScreenITO-glassUV8HRequest a quote
DM-OC-6020SProtective OvercoatScreenITO-glass, FR4Thermal8HimagesRequest a quote

Benefits of our overcoat paste systems include:

• Excellent stability >6 months
• High-throughput printing performance
• Excellent screen life > 8 hours for screen printing
• Excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates including FR4, ITO-glass, polyimide and metals
• Excellent surface hardness >8H
• Chemical resistance
• High area coverage enabling reduced paste consumption
• Screen printing compatibility – flat bed and rotary
• Low temperature curing – use on flexible substrates
• No drying requirement

Benefits of our overcoat ink systems include:

• Excellent stability >6 months
• High-throughput printing performance
• Long open time
• UV-LED compatible
• Viscosity suitable for ink-jet printing
• Excellent hardness ~8H
• No drying requirement

Please contact us for further information. Tailored paste and ink formulations offered for specific applications. Application information may also be available on request.

Our range of products also include Copper Pastes & Inks; Carbon Pastes; Silver Inks & Pastes; Insulator Inks & Pastes; Transparent Conductive Coatings and Conductive Adhesives. For more information, please click on the product of your choice.

Overcoat Inks & Pastes

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