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Dycotec Materials offer a range of silver pastes that have been developed for a broad range of applications including; sensors, touch screens, antenna, RFID, printed heaters and photovoltaic cells such as CIGS, perovskite and silicon heterojunction solar cells. Our silver pastes can be cured at low temperature and are suitable for substrates such as PET and PC.

Our silver pastes are primarily designed for flat-bed and rotary screen printing but can be readily modified to suit other deposition techniques such as syringe and high viscosity drop on demand. All materials exhibit excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including TCO-coated glass, plastic films and Dycotec Materials’ own insulator products.

For high resolution printing our nanosilver based paste (3100S) offer excellent electrical conductivity at low sintering temperatures. High coverage ensures this material offers a cost effective option.

To obtain fine line printed structures (<50 µm), our nanosilver paste 3102S offers high resolution printing.  This paste is for use on TCO-coated and glass substrates and is ideal for PV and display applications.

We test our silver pastes to exacting standards ensuring rugged performance. Water, solvent and acid chemically resistant formulations are available. We provide our materials to a global customer base, offering a flexible delivery service from low volume samples to high volume to meet our customer’s production needs. We can rapidly tailor formulations for specific customer requirements.

Silver Pastes
ProductDescriptionDeposition MethodSubstratesElectrical Conductivity (mΩ/□/mil)Curing Temp.PDF AvailableRequest a Quotation
DM-SIP-3002SSilver paste for rugged application use including sensors, display and general printed electronics.ScreenITO-Glass, Glass<18200˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3061SLow temperature sintered with high electrical conductivity for RFID, membrane switches and general printed electronics ScreenPET, PC

<860-140˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3062SUsed in applications such as thin-film PV, smart windows and general printed electronicsScreenITO-coated Glass, Glass<12140˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3063SUsed for high durability applications such as sensors, medical devices and PCBScreenFR4<15140-180˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3064SR2R rotary screen printable paste for thin-film PV, RFID and general printed electronicsRotary ScreenPET, PI, Glass<40120-140˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3065SUse on polyimide substrates for applications such as heaters and sensorsScreenPolyimide, PET<15140˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3100SNanosilver silver paste for applications such as thin film PV and general printed electronicsSyringeTCO-coated Glass, Glass<8130-140˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3101SScreen printable nanosilver ink for solar cell, sensors and general printed electronicsScreenPET, TCO-coated glass, glass<8120-200˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3102SHigh resolution nanosilver paste for fine line printing of PV, display and other printed electronics applicationsScreenTCO-coated Glass, Glass<7130-140˚CimagesRequest a quote
DM-SIP-3105SSyringe printable nanosilver ink for solar cell, sensors and general printed electronicsSyringeTCO-coated glass, glass, PET<8120-200˚CimagesRequest a quote

Benefits of our silver paste systems include:

• Excellent electrical conductivity at low temperature sintering
• High resolution print structures can be obtained. Typically line widths <50 µm.
• Excellent shelf life stability, typically greater than 6 months
• High throughput printing performance
• Excellent screen life, greater than 8 hours
• Excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates including TCO-coated glass, PET, paper and PC
• Non-toxic formulations
• Smooth, low surface roughness surface post sintering
• High area coverage enabling reduced paste consumption
• Flat bed and rotary screen printing compatibility
• Excellent durability with no change in conductivity after 85/85 testing for 10 days
• Paste systems can be tailored to meet particular application or process specifications

Please contact us for further information. Application information may also be available on request.

Our range of products also include Copper Pastes & Inks; Carbon Pastes; Overcoat Inks & Pastes; Insulator Inks & Pastes; Transparent Conductive Coatings and Conductive Adhesives. For more information, please click on the product of your choice.

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