Transparent Conductive Coatings

Transparent Conductive Coatings

Dycotec Materials provide dispersions based on silver nanowires for transparent conductive coatings. These materials typically work in combination with our protective transparent overcoat inks (DM-OC-6000 range). Offering a cost effective, durable and flexible alternative to TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide).

Applications for transparent coatings include; transparent electrodes for touch screens, PV, OLED devices and display. Silver nanowire ink systems can be tailored to meet a particular specification. 

We provide our materials to a global customer base, offering a flexible delivery service from samples to high volume production.

Transparent Conductive Coatings
ProductDescriptionDeposition MethodSubstratesCuring Temp.Nanowire Width (nm)Average Nanowire Length (µm)Typical Resistivity
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DM-SNW-8001Transparent Conductive for General Printed Electronics UseSpray, slot-die, spin-coatGlass, PETSolvent dependent70-1203510-100imagesRequest a quote
DM-SNW-8002Transparent Conductive for General Printed Electronics UseSpray, slot-die, spin-coatGlass, PETSolvent dependent150-40010010-100imagesRequest a quote

Benefits of our transparent conductive systems include:

  • Reproducible batch to batch performance
  • Low cost solution for many applications compared to TCO coatings
  • Produced in a range of dispersions to ensure compatibility with customer deposition processes. Aqueous and non-aqueous based solvent systems are available.
  • Low temperature post-processing (<120˚C)
  • High transmission over a broad range of sheet resistance
  • Compatible with Dycotec overcoat inks
  • Compatibility with flexible substrates

Please contact us for further information. Tailored paste and ink formulations offered for specific applications. Application information may also be available on request.

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