Dycotec Materials Ltd

…is an ISO:9001 certified advanced materials company developing and manufacturing electrically and thermally conductive, insulator, adhesives and overcoat products. In addition to our standard range of products, we work with our customers to tailor materials specifically to meet their requirements.

Electrically Conductive

Low to high volume supply of silver, carbon, copper, graphene and transparent conductive inks for all common deposition processes including screen, inkjet, aerosol and syringe.

Insulator, reflective and Overcoat

Ultra-durable inks with proven performance for industrial application including automotive, sensors, touch-screen, PCB and solar cell use

Thermally Conductive

High thermal conductivity pastes and sheet materials for automotive, high performance computer processors, MOSFET, IGBT and RF Audio/video devices

Conductive & Insulative Adhesives

A range of high performance adhesives for industrial use including for stretchable applications such as wearables.

Wearable / Stretchable

A range of stretchable conductive and encapsulant inks with high durability performance, low hysteresis and stretchable to greater than 100%.

Tailored/customised development

Tailored material systems which are designed to meet exacting customer performance specifications. We cost effectively develop materials for a wide variety of deposition and curing processes.

Our Product Ranges

Electrically Conductive

Silver Products

Advantages of low temperature cured, high resolution and high electrical conductivity

Carbon Products

Thermoplastic and thermoset products with high durability, low electrical conductivity and compatible with low temperature substrates

Copper Products

Low cost alternative to silver, excellent electromigration performance with low electrical conductivity

Graphene Products

Single and few layer graphene systems for both inkjet and screen print with piezoresistive performance

Transparent Products

Excellent transparency and conductivity, high durability with Dycotec overcoat products

Insulator and Overcoat

Wearable: Stretchable

Insulator Products

High durability insulators for sequential build up structures for multilayer applications.

Overcoat Products

Ultrahigh durability overcoats offering high transparency, hydrophobicity and excellent wear resistance

Stretchable Conductive Products

High stretch >100%, low hysteresis for high durability use

Stretchable Encapsultion Products

High stretch >100%, low hysteresis for high durability use

Adhesives, encapsulants and underfill

In Mold Electronics(IME)

Conductive Products

Rapid cure, high strength conductive adhesives for a range of deposition techniques

Non-Conductive Products

Non-conductive adhesives for screen printing applications


Encapsulant & Underfill Products

Encapsulants, Underfills and Potting advanced material systems


IME Products

Conductive pastes, adhesives and cross-over dielectrics

Thermal Interface Materials



High thermal conductivity, screen printable PCM


Non-silicone Gel/Putties

Non-silicone syringe dispensable thermal gel and putties


Thermal Epoxy Adhesives

Thermally conductive epoxy adhesives


Thermal Epoxy Underfill

Thermally conductive epoxy underfill



Thick Film Pastes

Conductors, dielectric, overglaze, TCR




Silver-silver chloride, carbon, solid state electrolyte

Tailored Solutions

Dycotec Materials have unparalleled experience in the development of tailored material solutions for:

  • Electronically conductive printed materials including transparent conductive materials
  • Thermally conductive inks
  • Barrier and overcoat layers designed to protect underlying electronic circuitry
  • Production of insulating dielectric layers
  • Development of coatings technology

We tailor our materials to meet the exacting specification requirements of our customers. We work in close collaboration to ensure materials developed can be readily adopted in production by ensuring the inks are compatible with existing process technology including deposition techniques such as ink-jet, screen and syringe printing.

Custom Developments

To support our customers’ product development, using our advanced materials systems, we work collaboratively by:

  • Developing designs/concepts.
  • Manufacture of prototype systems.
  • Evaluate products in appropriate testing environments to ISO/ASTM standards.
  • Development of any required process technology.

To provide this service we have a dedicated engineering team with a diverse range of skill sets including capabilities in software development, electronics design and 3D mechanical design and assembly. This enables Dycotec Materials to efficiently take our customers’ concepts from prototype to product launch.

Our skills include:

  • Electronic Design with expertise in digital and analogue design, RF and embedded software. We have a range of print facilities to enable rapid prototype evaluation and a suite of dedicated test facilities to assess performance.
  • Software Development we have the experience and expertise to cost effectively develop our customer software applications from business analysis and scoping, to code development using .NET, usually C# or VB.Net languages, and software testing.
  • 3D Mechanical Design with dedicated engineering staff developing designs using Solidworks and AutoCAD. Designs are often simulated or modelled to ensure a more optimised solution and lower risk of iteration at the manufacturing stage. We have machining facilities to enable rapid prototype design.


Our materials find application in a broad range of industries including; energy, automotive, electronics, display and lighting, telecommunications and building and construction. Examples of applications include:

Our materials utilise an environmentally friendly and cost effective additive approach.

Smart Glass

Our high electrical conductivity and durable conductive materials are used in the fabrication of the electronic bus-bar strips for smart windows use.


Our overcoat, conductive adhesive and conductive inks are tailored for use in either transparent or more standard printed heater coils.


Our conductive and insulating materials offer long lifetime performance for use in the manufacture of high efficiency thin film solar cells.


We provide a portfolio of wearable/stretchable conductive inks, encapsulants and adhesive products.  For applications including wearables, stress/strain sensors and heaters.

In-Mold Electronics

We provide a broad range of In-Mold Electronics inks including conductive, dielectric, adhesives and underfills for automotive, aeropsace and white goods applications.


We provide a range of high resolution conductive adhesives and compatible conductive inks to enable production of multilayer printed electronic circuits.

Printed Circuit Board

Our high performance conductive inks and adhesive materials, which are capable of withstanding high temperature processing can be used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.


Our range of graphene inks and conductive inks provide all the material needed to produce high sensitivity sensors such as strain gauges and thermocouples.


The use of our high electrical conductivity copper, silver or carbon inks ensures that high frequency antenna systems can be cost effectively manufactured.

Touch Screen

Our overcoat materials used in combination with our conductive silver and copper based conductive materials are used in OLED and Touch displays.