About the Team

The team is highly experienced management team bringing over 50 years of experience in material and associated process technology development.


Dr Richard Dixon

Dr Richard Dixon has a BSc in chemistry from Imperial College and a PhD in semiconductor physics. He also has an MBA from Durham University. As well as holding senior positions for global electronics companies, he was previously Director of Operations for an electronics design and manufacturing company, Sarantel, that floated on the stock market with a market capitalisation of over £100M.


Dr Aaron Chan

Dr Aaron Chan received his D.Phil in inorganic chemistry from the University of Oxford in 2012 titled “Ultraselective Nanocatalysts in Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Synthesis”, where he published 5 scientific journals, including Science and nature communications. He previously worked on developing low cost thermoelectric materials for the automotive industry and novel copper ink formulations for printed electronic applications.


Dr Kerry Yu

Dr Kerry Yu received his PhD in chemistry in 2004 for his work on “Towards Nano-Engineering of Catalytic Materials” at the University of Reading (UK). He published 40 papers in journals such as Nature Communications, Nature Nano-technology, ACS Nano, Small, JACS and Chemical Communications and author of 4 patents. He worked in the inorganic chemistry laboratory, University of Oxford for 4 years on potential applications for nanomaterials as an effective catalyst for fine chemical synthesis and for hydrogen production. He previously developed thermoelectric materials for the energy industry and thin film for high density interconnect applications.