Engineered Solutions

To support our customers’ product development, using our advanced materials systems, we work collaboratively by:

  • Developing designs/concepts.
  • Manufacture of prototype systems.
  • Evaluate products in appropriate testing environments to ISO/ASTM standards.
  • Development of any required process technology.

To provide this service we have a dedicated engineering team with a diverse range of skill sets including capabilities in software development, electronics design and 3D mechanical design and assembly. This enables Dycotec Materials to efficiently take our customers’ concepts from prototype to product launch.

    Example Projects:

    Development of a UV curing system compatible with our overcoat and insulator inks.

    Implementation of an RFID based management information system for a high volume electronics component manufacturing.

    Design and prototype development of a transparent heating system for the automotive sector using Dycotec’s conductive ink systems.

    Our skills include:


        • Electronic Design with expertise in digital and analogue design, RF and embedded software. We have a range of print facilities to enable rapid prototype evaluation and a suite of dedicated test facilities to assess performance.
        • Software Development we have the experience and expertise to cost effectively develop our customer software applications from business analysis and scoping, to code development using .NET, usually C# or VB.Net languages, and software testing.
        • 3D Mechanical Design with dedicated engineering staff developing designs using Solidworks and AutoCAD. Designs are often simulated or modelled to ensure a more optimised solution and lower risk of iteration at the manufacturing stage. We have machining facilities to enable rapid prototype design.