Tailored Materials

Dycotec Materials have unparalleled experience in the development of tailored material solutions for:


  • Electronically conductive printed materials including transparent conductive materials
  • Thermally conductive inks
  • Barrier and overcoat layers designed to protect underlying electronic circuitry
  • Production of insulating dielectric layers
  • Development of coatings technology

    We tailor out materials to meet the exacting specification requirements of our customers. We work in close collaboration to ensure materials developed can be readily adopted in production by ensuring the inks are compatible with existing process technology including deposition techniques such as ink-jet, screen and syringe printing.

    In addition to our ability to tailor the rheological characteristics and composition of the inks to meet specification requirements such as adhesion, conductivity and long term reliability.

    We also have capabilities to:


    • Develop, synthesise and characterise nanoscale and micron powders
    • Develop process equipment to support the deposition and curing of tailored materials