Wearable / Stretchable

In recent years, the market for wearable and stretchable electronics has rapidly expanded driven by applications such as improved healthcare, safety and fitness monitoring. This has led to rapid proliferation of technologies such as e-textiles and skin patches.

  • In Healthcare, an aging demographic is placing increased strain on medical services resulting in the need for continuous healthcare monitoring.  Continuous monitoring of the patient condition particularly when combined with predictive data analytics enables both reduced medical staff time and greater patient care as immediate action can be taken should the patient condition worsen.
  • For fitness, analysis such as ECG (Electrocardiogram), heart rate, muscular stress/strain and oxygen blood content can be implemented into articles of clothing enabling condition monitoring.
  • Improved health and safety for remote workers can also be ensured by condition monitoring and activation of safety measures such as garment heating if the user is exposed to low temperatures.

In addition to wearables technology, stretchable printed electronics finds applications such as stress/strain sensors, lighting and automotive interior use.



The underlying technology for many of these applications is printed stretchable electronic inks.  We have developed a product portfolio of conductive stretchable inks, encapsulants and flexible/stretchable adhesives to meet the high durability demands of all of these applications.  These inks can be printed directly onto textiles, polyurethanes and other elastomer substrates to enable lightweight, cost effective electronics to be seamlessly introduced into smart clothing or used to produce stretchable sensors, lighting and many other industrial applications. Proven in high volume production they can be flat bed or R2R screen printed.

Our stretchable conductive silver inks offer excellent elongation (>100%), electrical conductivities less than 10 mΩ/□/25µm and superb resistance against loss of resistance in washing machine cycles. Our range of stretchable inks are optimised to ensure low resistance change on elongation and low hysteresis.

These stretchable conductive silver inks are often combined with our conductive stretchable carbon inks to ensure high durability in wearable technology.  Stretchable carbon inks may also offer an alternative cost effective solution where high electrical conductivity is not required.

Component attach including sensors, passive and active devices can be readily incorporated using our range of conductive stretchable adhesives.  These materials are both flexible and stretchable offering exceptional adhesive performance and overcome the stress fracture failures observed from more rigid silver epoxy adhesives.

Our electronic stretchable inks are cured as low as 80 degC, ensuring wide applicability to a range of substrates.  The circuitry formed by these conductive inks is then typically overcoated with our stretchable encapsulant inks.  Our range of both transparent and opaque stretchable encapsulants offer superb barrier layer performance and additional protection in washing machine use. Solvent and aqueous systems are available.

More information is available on our stretchable/wearable inks products including datasheets, safety data and pricing.  Materials can be purchased directly on-line or please contact us directly for bulk pricing.

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    Smart Glass

    Our high electrical conductivity and durable conductive materials are used in the fabrication of the electronic bus-bar strips for smart windows use.



    Our overcoat, conductive adhesive and conductive inks are tailored for use in either transparent or more standard printed heater coils.



    The use of our high electrical conductivity copper, silver or carbon inks ensures that high frequency antenna systems can be cost effectively manufactured.


    Printed Circuit Board

    Our high performance conductive inks and adhesive materials, which are capable of withstanding high temperature processing can be used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.


    In-Mold Electronics

    Our extensive product portfolio provides all the necessary material sets required for In-Mold Electronics



    Our high electrical conductivity and durable conductive materials are used in the fabrication of the electronic bus-bar strips for smart windows use.


    Solar / Photovoltaic

    Our conductive and insulating materials offer long lifetime performance for use in the manufacture of high efficiency thin film solar cells.



    Our overcoat materials used in combination with our conductive silver and copper based conductive materials are used in OLED and Touch displays.
    Our materials utilise an environmentally friendly and cost effective additive approach.



    We provide a portfolio of inks for use in wearable technology including stretchable and washable conductive inks, encapsulants and adhesives