DM-CUI-5010 nanocopper ink is designed for aerosol printing using the Optomec systems for versatile use in electronic applications such as semiconductor assembly. The ink is designed to be rapidly cured using Xenon flash and laser systems.


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Product Description

Dycotec Materials DM-CUI-5010 nanocopper ink is designed for aerosol printing with Optomec pneumatic atomiser systems. The ink is designed to be rapidly cured using xenon flash lamp and laser systems.

Product Benefits

• Excellent conductivity with light based sintering
• Excellent adhesion on polyimide, glass or ITO based substrates
• Compatibility with a broad range of light based sintering techniques

Ink Preparation

Sedimentation may occur naturally over the lifetime of the product. Stir (not shake) the ink thoroughly before use to ensure the product is well mixed whilst care should be taken to avoid introducing air bubbles. Do not replace used ink in the container.

Additional information

Size (g)

100g, 250g, 1Kg

Solids Content (%)

60 – 65%


1.83 g/cm3

Viscosity (cps)

50 – 150 cps


Glass, ITO-Glass, Polyimide

Sintering Technique

Laser or Flash Lamp


5B ASTM D3359

Volume Resistivity

<7.0 mΩ/sqr/25 μm (glass) at 1μm cured thickness

Still Unsure?


We offer a tailored formulation development service to meet specific customer requirements for copper ink and pastes this may include:
  • Specific electrical conductivities
  • Development for particular substrates
  • Different curing processes including nanocopper systems that require processing using reducing gases
  • Different deposition techniques such as syringe, spray or other commonly used printing/coating techniques
  • Chemical compatibility
  • High resolution structures


  • Touch screen
  • Display
  • Semiconductor packaging/assembly
  • General printed electronics