DM-GRA-9002 is a single layer graphene ink-jet printable conductive ink for applications such as sensors, heaters and barrier layers.



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Product Description

Dycotec DM-GRA-9002 graphene ink is designed for either inkjet printing or spray application for versatile use in electronic applications. The ink is designed to be cured at 300-350˚C. The ink is based on single layer graphene (< 1 nm thick) of lateral diameter ≤0.5 µm.

Product Benefits

  • No requirement for reducing atmosphere
  • High graphene content after cure
  • Single layer graphene
  • Increased transparency compared to few layer graphene inks
  • Compatible with inkjet, spin-coat and spray deposition

Ink Preparation

Stir (not shake) the ink thoroughly before use to ensure the product is well mixed whilst care should be taken to avoid introducing air bubbles. Do not replace used ink in the container. This ink is designed for drop-on-demand print-heads.

Additional information

Size (g)

100g, 250g, 1Kg

Solids Content (%)

1 mg/mL


0.934 g/mL

Surface Tension

32.4 mN/m

Viscosity (cps)

10-12cps at 25oC


Glass, High temperature substrates

Drying Time (mins)

30 mins

Drying Temperature (oC)


Sheet Resistance

4-13 kΩ/ (45 to 70%T at 660 nm)


Still Unsure?


We offer a tailored formulation development service, using graphene based materials, to meet specific customer requirements.  We have experience of developing systems for specific customer applications, with different properties including:
  • Barrier Layer
  • Sensor systems including stress/strain
  • Improved lubricity
  • Rheology changes to enable use of different deposition techniques
  • Polyurethane, silicone and epoxy systems


  • Sensors
  • Barrier layers
  • Heaters
  • General printed electronics