DM-INI-7003 is a thermoset epoxy based UV curable ink-jet printable insulator that offers excellent mechanical and chemical performance for applications such as PV cells, sensors and multi-layer devices.



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Product Description

Dycotec DM-INI-7003 is an ink-jet printable ink that is designed to provide an ultra durable insulator layer for electronics applications. The ink can be rapidly cured using UV-LED systems. The ink system offers excellent adhesion to many substrates including glass and ITO-glass. The ink can be overprinted with conductive inks provided by Dycotec Materials.

Product Benefits

  • Good Printability
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Adhesion

Ink Preparation

The ink is packaged to avoid all sources of UV light, sunlight, and fluorescent lights. Thoroughly swirl (not shake) the ink before use to ensure the product is well mixed and to avoid introducing air bubbles. Do not replace used ink in the container. This ink is designed for drop-on-demand print-heads.

Additional information

Size (g)

100g, 250g, 1Kg

Solids Content (%)


Surface Tension

34-36 mN/m

Viscosity (cps)

10-16 cP at >40oC

UV Curing Energy


UV LED Wavelength

500-1000 mJ/cm2





Volume Resistivity

1.4 x 10^14 Ω.cm

Surface Resistivity

8.2 x 10^12 Ω/□


Still Unsure?


We offer a tailored formulation development service to meet specific customer overcoat requirements.  We have experience of developing systems for specific customer applications, with different properties including:
  • Barrier Layer
  • Chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Rheology changes to enable use of different deposition techniques
  • Flexibility
  • Surface tension


  • Sensors
  • Multi-layer printed circuit board
  • PV Cells