Dycotec DM-SIJ-3201 is a nanosilver based ink for inkjet use for general printed electronics applications that use glass and TCO-glass substrates such as smart windows, sensors, heaters, display and thin-film PV



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Product Description

Dycotec DM-SIJ-3201 is a nanosilver ink-jet printable ink that is used for general printed electronics applications such as display, sensors, heaters and solar cell. The ink offers excellent adhesion on a broad range of substrates including glass, ITO-glass, PET and polyimide.

Product Benefits

• Excellent adhesion (5B) on a broad range of substrates including glass and ITO-glass

Ink Preparation

Gently stir before use. Avoid incorporating air bubbles. Once printed, the Ink should be dried at 60-80oC for 20 mins prior to curing.

Additional information

Size (g)

100g, 250g, 1Kg

Viscosity (cps)

12 – 20 cps



Surface Tension

32-35 mN/m

Solids Content (%)

36 – 40%


Glass, PET, Polyimide, TCO-glass

Cure Temperature (oC)


Cure Time (mins)

10 – 30 mins

Sheet Resistance

5 mΩ/sqr/25µm at 140oC, 4 mΩ/sqr/25µm at 180oC

Volume Resistivity

12.5 µΩ.cm at 140oC, 10 µΩ.cm at 180oC




1-2 µm depending on ink-jet print deposition set-up

Weight N/A

Still Unsure?


We offer a tailored formulation development service to meet specific customer requirements for silver ink and pastes this may include:
  • Specific electrical conductivities
  • Development for particular substrates
  • Thermoset and thermoplastic products
  • Curing Temperatures, including temperatures <100 deg. C
  • Different deposition techniques such as syringe, spray or other commonly used printing/coating techniques
  • Chemical compatibility
  • High resolution structures


  • Smart Windows
  • Solar Cell
  • Sensors
  • Heaters
  • Display
  • General printed electronics