DM-SNW-8010 is silver nanowire screen printable paste with excellent electrical conductivity and high transparency



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Product Description

Dycotec Materials provide transparent conductive screen printable pastes based on silver nanowires. These materials typically work in combination with our protective transparent overcoat pastes (DM-OC-6000 range). Offering a cost effective, durable and flexible alternative to TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide). Applications for transparent coatings include; transparent electrodes for touch screens, PV, OLED devices and display. Silver nanowire paste systems can be tailored for electrical conductivity.

Product Benefits

  • Good Conductivity (<100 Ω/ /mil) •
  • High transparency (>92% at 550 nm) •
  • Compatible with a range of substrates including PET, PC and glass

Paste Preparation

DM-SNW-8010S is an aqueous based thermoplastic screen printable paste. The paste should be gently stirred before use avoiding incorporation of air bubbles. Any paste removed from its container should be used within 15 minutes to ensure consistent deposition. Once the paste has been removed from the container for printing, this may introduce contamination. Please do not replace the paste in the container.

Additional information

Size (g)

100g, 250g, 1Kg

Solids Content (%)



Glass, PET

Sheet Resistance

<100 Ω/□


>92% at 550nm


Still Unsure?


We offer a tailored formulation development service to meet specific customer transparent conductive requirements.  We have experience of developing systems for specific customer applications, with different properties including:
  • Transparency
  • Different print deposition techniques including stencil and screen
  • Compatibility with different Dycotec overcoats
  • Compatibility with different substrate types


  • Sensors
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • PV-cells
  • Heaters