Sprayable low viscosity (<10 cps) aluminium ink, requires curing at 150-200oC



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Our UV reflective inks are based on the use of aluminium, which has exceptional UV reflectivity properties. They are used to provide component protection in environments of high intensity UV light.

Typical applications include:
• Outdoor use of industrial and commercial devices
• UV LED and other lighting systems
• Industrial plant and equipment

The materials can either be supplied as low viscosity inks that can be readily applied by spray coating or higher viscosity pastes that can be applied by processes such as roller coating or screen printing.

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100g, 250g, 1Kg

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We can tailor develop UV reflective inks as required for:
  • Particular deposition techniques
  • Substrates
  • Performance requirements


  • UV LED
  • Industrial use
  • Semiconductor equipment