Conductive Adhesive

Conductive Adhesive

We supply silver epoxy and polyurethane based adhesives for flexible printed electronics use and nanosilver die attach materials for flip chip technology.

  • Our silver epoxy adhesives are a thermoset range of products suitable for stencil/screen or syringe printing. Manufactured from high purity silver (>99.7%), our adhesives offer excellent electrical conductivities whilst maintaining high bond strength.
  • Our polyurethane based silver adhesives are stretchable and flexible and designed for use in wearables, sensors, medical devices, IME (In-Mold Electronics) and general printed electronics use.  The stretchable adhesives are supplied in syringes.
  • Silver sinter die attach materials are used in flip chip technologies for power management eg IGBT modules, advanced LED packaging and high speed communication devices.  These materials offer a high durability alternative to standard solderpaste systems.
Low temperature curing ensures our epoxy silver conductive adhesive materials offer an alternative solder material for temperature sensitive applications. Typical applications that require use of silver conductive adhesive includes assembly of hybrid circuits for printed electronics applications, general electronic assembly and thin-film PV.

Our single part stretchable polyurethane adhesives can be cured at temperatures as low as 80 deg. C ensuring compatibility with low temperature substrates and ease of use.  The adhesive maintains flexibility when fully cured, minimising the stress concentrations that can lead to assembly joint failure. Pastes are available for fine pitch component assembly.

We provide our silver conductive adhesive to a global customer base, offering a flexible delivery service, providing any volume from samples to production quantities. We can rapidly tailor formulations for specific customer requirements.

Benefits of our Silver Conductive Adhesive systems include:

Range of deposition processes available

• Customised formulations for specific applications
• Two part system, room temperature storage
• Excellent pot-life > 1 day, for screen printed pastes
• Solvent free systems available
• Low temperature cure systems ~90oC available
• High electrical conductivity <20 mohm/□/mil
• Suitable for use with most plastics, ceramics and metals
• Excellent durability – extremely hard material after curing
• High joint strength