Conductive Graphene Inks and Pastes

Graphene is a material that offers remarkable performance including:

  • Extraordinarily high electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Barrier layer performance preventing the permeation of water and oxygen which leads to corrosion and oxidation
  • High stability due to its inert behaviour to chemical attack
  • Advantageous mechanical properties including super-lubricity, high mechanical strength and high smoothness

Graphene ink can therefore be used as additives in ink and coating systems (DM-GRA-9100S series), available at varying levels of electrical conductivity, offering enhanced performance or as graphene only inks (DM-GRA-9000 series).

Benefits of our graphene inks and paste systems include:

Our conductive graphene ink and pastes can be used for a wide range of applications including; sensors, automotive, electrodes and aerospace. We provide our materials to a global customer base, offering a flexible delivery service from low volume samples to high volume to meet our customer’s production needs.

We have undertaken a substantial range of client specific formulations to evaluate the benefits of using graphene. Please contact us for more information if you would like to consider the use of graphene to enhance your existing product range.

Benefits of our graphene ink based systems include:

• Excellent stability >6 months
• High-throughput printing performance
• Excellent shelf life
• Tailored ink and coating systems available
• Excellent mechanical abrasion resistance
• Smooth surface post sintering
• Excellent durability