In Mold Electronic Inks

In-Mold Electronic Inks (IME)

Dycotec Materials provides a complete product portfolio for In-Mold Electronic Inks.  In-Mold Electronics (IME) is a revolutionary new process that enables electronics to be seamlessly integrated into 3D components such as lighting, heating, antennas, sensors including capacitive touchscreen, actuators and displays for industries such as automotive, aerospace and white goods.  Multi-layer constructions combining functional In-Mold Electronic inks and graphic layers are produced using thermoforming and molding techniques to produce lighter-weight, thinner form factors and more cost effective components compared to conventional electronic assembly. Our state of the art product portfolio for In Mold Electronic Inks, includes:

Silver Conductive with high electrical conductivity <40 mΩ/□/25µm, excellent thermoformability and proven high volume printability with long screen residence times. Extensive and proven high durability performance.

Cross over dielectric offers excellent breakdown voltage (>6 kV/mm), cost effective with only 2 layers required to be printed to avoid shunt resistance and excellent printability.

Flexible adhesives that overcome stress related failures observed with more rigid conductive adhesive epoxy based systems.

Our products have proven durability and are compatible with commonly used graphic ink layers. Due to the large number of applications that benefit from this technology with varying thermoformed features, different graphic inks, molding conditions and print processes we work in partnership with our customers to ensure swift adoption (and customisation if needed) of our In-Mold Electronic inks into high volume production.

Benefits of our In Mold Electronics (IME) pastes include:

Benefits of our IME paste systems include:

• Excellent electrical conductivity <40 mΩ/□/mil
• Excellent thermoformability
• Long screen residence time for high volume printability
• Extensive durability analysis
• Compatibility with commonly used graphic inks
• Cost effective
• Proven compatibility with molding processes