Silver Conductive Inks and Pastes

Dycotec Materials offer a range of nano and micron flake conductive silver pastes and inks that have been developed for a broad range of applications including; sensors, smart windows, touch screens, antenna, RFID, printed heaters, automotive and photovoltaic cells such as CIGS, perovskite and silicon heterojunction solar cells. Our conductive silver inks and pastes can be sintered at low temperature and are suitable for plastic substrates such as PET and PC.

Our silver pastes are designed for flat-bed/rotary screen printing, syringe, ink-jet, aerosol and high viscosity drop on demand. All materials exhibit excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including TCO-coated glass, plastic films and Dycotec Materials insulator products.

For heaters, RFID/antennas, keyboards, sensors, heaters and other graphic inlays where conductive tracks are required our low temperature screen printable micron silver pastes can be used eg DM-SIP-3060S or DM-SIP-3071S which is a low silver content cost effective option offering superb electrical conductivity (<6 mΩ/sqr/25µm,140oC cure temperature).  Where higher conductivity is needed for flexible hybrid printed electronics, DM-SIP-3072S can be used (3 mΩ/sqr/25µm).  These materials are often used in conjunction with our dielectric, carbon pastes and conductive adhesives.  

For ITO display applications eg capacitive touch, DM-SIP-3062S offers excellent conductivity, smooth surface finish for consistent laser ablation and superb adhesion to TCO-coated substrates.

For smart windows bus bar production, DM-SIP-3028AS (screen printable) and DM-SYP-3028AT (syringe dispense) silver conductor pastes are available.

Inkjet systems include; DM-SIJ-3200 (general printed electronics), DM-SIJ-3201 (touch screen bus-bars) and DM-SIJ-3202 (OPV inkjet systems).

We provide a range of aerosol inks, our flagship product being DM-SIA-3301 which can be processed at low temperature (100 deg. C).

We test our silver pastes to exacting standards ensuring rugged performance. Water, solvent and acid chemically resistant formulations are available. We provide our materials to a global customer base, offering a flexible delivery service from low volume samples to high volume to meet our customer’s production needs. We can rapidly tailor formulations for specific customer requirements.

Benefits of our Silver Conductive systems include:

Range of deposition processes available

• Excellent electrical conductivity
• Low temperature sintering
• Fine line printing systems available (<50 µm)
• Excellent shelf life stability, typically > 6 months
• Long screen residence times
• Suitable for use with most plastics, transparent conductive oxides, polyimides and paper
• Excellent durability
• Tailored paste systems are available