Thermal Interface Material

Thermal Interface Materials

Dycotec develop and manufacture a range of thermal interface materials, that are electrically insulative, including; pads, greases, gels/putties, phase change materials (PCM) and epoxies.  We have particular expertise in developing non-silicone thermal interface materials.  Our range of thermal interface material products are sold globally via International distribution or can be purchased on-line,  with shipping typically within 5 days.  Our products are found in applications such as power management,  CPU to heat sink, batteries, LED, solar cell and telecommunication hardware such as 5G modules.

In addition to our standard range of thermal interface materials, we also offer customised formulation development.  We have extensive facilities for development, testing and mass production of thermal interface materials to ensure high levels of reliability particularly at high operating temperatures without materials hardening, drying or showing leaching due to device pump-out.

Please contact us today to discuss your thermal interface application requirements with one of our thermal management specialists.

We have particular expertise in the development of non-silicone based thermal conductive materials ensuring long term durability.

Benefits of our Thermally Conductive systems include:

• Range of thermal interface materials available including; screen, stencil and syringe for our gel/putty and grease systems
• PCM pastes ensuring excellent thermal contact resistances
• Excellent durability at high temperature operation
• System customisation

We can supply materials very rapidly, with typical shipping times less than 5 days. We can supply thermal interface materials in most packaging types and offer volumes from sample to high volume material supply.